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When promoting library service, book displays and bulletin boards can play a vital role in circulation rates. When utilizing the library, patrons often come in for a specific title or are searching for specific information. With book displays and bulletin boards you an draw attention to new books, special collections, under-circulated titles and services that are offered within the library that often go unnoticed. Patrons are more likely to pick up and check out a book or use a service that is displayed prominently and in an inviting environment. Make the most of your library and its collection by promoting your services and collection in a variety of ways that are inviting to your patrons. Displays should be current, changed regularly, and should meet the interests and needs of your library community.


Newsletters from the Office of Libraries and Information Science

Creating an inviting, informative, and functional learning environment is the focus of this web site. You will find a multitude of information on library signage and bulletin board display.

Bulletin Board Ideas for High School Media Specialists

This site was created through a grant from the Georgia Library Media Association and contains very helpful information on the creation of bulletin boards that can be used in a high school media center or be adapted to other library settings.

Teaching Treasures "Reading is Fun" Book Display

This site shows a great book display that can be used in a variety of library or educational settings. A picture of a successful display is also shown.

Internet School LIbrary Media Center

These ideas for motivating children's reading during National Children's Book Week and National Library Week are reprinted from the Virginia Educational Media Association's Get a Head Start at the School Library Media Center. This site provides a variety of ideas for display and promotion of library materials.

Austrailian School Library Association

Book display increases fiction circulation by over 90% and non-fiction circulation by 25%. This site provides many specific display ideas that can be used in a variety of settings. This site provided in one location the most information specific to actual displays that I have found. A great resource!

American Library Association

Promotion of library service to young adults is the focus of this site with many ideas for display of material to draw interest.


Off the Wall: The Art of Book Display, written and illustrated by Alan Heath (Littleton, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited, 1987). Information is provided on library exhibits and displays in educational and library settings.

Library Displays Handbook, by Mark Schaeffer. (New York : H.W. Wilson, 1990). This book focuses on library exhibits and public relations for libraries.

Show your Stuff: Creating Imaginative Library Displays, by Debbie Dodd (Oregon City, Oregon: EllehCar Press, c1986). Focus is again on library exhibits and library public relations.

Display in Schools, by Thomas J. Corbin, photography by C. H. Bear Oxford (New York] Pergamon Press [1970]). Displays intended for a school setting, but can be adapted to a variety of settings.

Display and Publicity Ideas for Libraries by Linda Campbell Franklin (McFarland & Company; ISBN: 0899501680; October 1985). Dozens of fully developed displays (easy drawings, clear instructions), using free or recycled materials, plus details of publicity campaigns, PR ideas, posters, radio spots, parties, media events, sales events, and cooperative projects with schools or businesses

On Display: 25 Themes to Promote Reading by Gayle Skaggs (McFarland & Company; ISBN: 0786406577; April 1999). Encouraging students to read is an important goal for both librarians and educators. This book focuses on creating exciting and effective reading promotion displays and provides detailed instructions, diagrams, and suggestions for 25 different themes.


  1. Set aside space for library/book displays. This can be a table or a specialized display case or area. Bulletin boards should be placed in areas of high traffic and information provided should be relevant to the age of users frequenting the area.
  2. Determine what information needs to be highlighted and focus your display around this theme. This is true for book displays and bulletin boards.
  3. Specify who will be responsible for maintaining display and bulletin board areas. This can be a staff person responsible for the adult or childrens collections or volunteers are excellent choices for this type of activity.
  4. Make sure that displays are relevant to your service community.
  5. Rotate display and bulletin board material frequently to maintain interest of library users.


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